A Trust:  CARING FOR LIFE  -  means life!

Patron: Her Royal Highness The Countess of Wessex

A unique charity sharing the love of Jesus by offering security, safety, love, help and respect for life. Changing lives - helping to build God's Kingdom.

Rev Peter ParkinsonRev. Peter Parkinson knew, with his wife Judith, that God was calling them to a huge undertaking, as described above. Crag House Farm became the base where vulnerable, socially excluded people could begin to re-build their lives. Projects started with a flock of free range hens; then agricultural/horticultural, conservation, art, craft, woodwork, drama, along with adult literacy & office skills and much, much more. Everyone is special, whether living at the farm or in one of the adapted homes, including staff and many volunteers. Worship is an integral part, along with praying, singing & Bible studies learning about Jesus & His love. Sharing & caring also for disabled people.

In May CFL were awarded the prestigious ‘Yorkshire Society's Charity of the Year'.

Please read more of this vital work on www.caringforlife.co.uk

God's grace from 1986 has sustained CFL who believe it is paramount to honour Christ in every way. Can you be of help? Crag House Farm, Otley Old Road, Crag Hill, Cookridge, Leeds, LS16 7NH.

Asda, who have adopted them for another year, sent up 16 volunteers doing a great job gardening and painting prior to Open Day (20 June) then sending another group of 80! The ‘CFL Baton', passed on from town and village churches to cities around the UK, is in the Sheffield area after 3yrs of ‘travelling' - still a long way to Lands End! Help trace it!!!


CARING FOR LIFE  ...  July/August 2010 update

C F L  ...  showing and sharing the love of Jesus.

Peter, Judith and all at CFL send their greetings.
Quite a number travelled to the Open Day, 19th June and thoroughly enjoyed it. The premises, gardens and machinery were spotless. Freshly made bread disappeared as quickly as it went on sale, along with plenty of preserves and plants.  Tractor and carriage rides are firm favourites.

The 4 Churches CFL Coffee Morning at Cornerstone in June raised £270.

Praise God for the provision of a wheelchair-accessible minibus to transport people to and from the Farm who are isolated and lonely, needing love and support. Sad faces are now replaced by joy with meaningful activities. We have for some time, been looking for this type of vehicle and Peter received a call but even at a greatly reduced price, we sadly could not afford the £40,000. Within minutes of this ‘phone conversation, Judith came into the office with an envelope containing a cheque for £40,000.  God is good.

Latest requested Prayer Points from Lis:

Peter Parkinson as he continues to receive treatment for prostate cancer.
Esther - she has been feeling unwell for the last couple of weeks.

The Bible studies at CFL - that the young people will respond to the Gospel.

The ‘Being There’ team as they continue to help some very needy people including several single parents and their children.

Would you like an envelope to donate your old/broken jewellery?

(we received £527 early June) ask Lis 0113-2303611  or ...

Email: lis.wilcox@caringforlife.co.uk


... December '09 update:

Thank you for your wonderful prayers, letters, gifts and support. Everything is so greatly appreciated.  We have several staff members going through a difficult time.  We are also praying for a number of our supporters, who are facing illness / heartbreak.   Our dear friend, Bill Bygroves wrote:

‘My days are in His hands - everyone by Him is planned; 

so why should I fear, when I know He is near, and my days are in His hands?

Days when your eyes fill with tears, days when your heart pounds with fear;

Days when you sigh - when you want to die: All those days are in His hands.

Days of joy and light, days of peace and might, days when you’re strong, 

when your heart’s filled with song: All those days are in His hands.

Days which are now memory, days to come with uncertainty, 

Days good or bad, today, to come or what we’ve had:                                                                                                   All those days are in His hands.

My Lord, my God, my King, my Way, my everything; I commit to you my ways, all my moments, all my days I’m so glad they’re in Your hands.’

Peter Parkinson has been able to return to work, albeit on a limited basis, following his time in hospital due to a severe infection. Please pray for him to regain full strength and pray for Peter and Judith as he awaits treatment for prostate cancer. ‘Wherever we go, He has gone before us preparing the pathway for every step that we must take. He hears our every cry, our every groan and He knows and utterly understands our every fear. He feels our every tremble and embraces us in His love and mercy.’

Praise God for increased attendance at our fortnightly Bible Studies for those in our homes and on the farm project; also at the monthly Housing Support Bible studies. We are seeing great spiritual blessing. Pray for those in care who are so vulnerable, yet are living alone in the community. Pray for the team caring for them to be given patience, grace and wisdom. 

We face potentially very difficult times, with no guarantee from the local authority of a continuing contract with ‘Supporting People’ (having to ‘dance to their tune’) from early 2010. 

If those reading this article would consider giving just £1 per week to this vital, precious work, we would be in a position, not only to cut most of these ‘binding ties and red tape’ (which are often not the ways of God) to care, putting Christ at the centre of all we do, for every vulnerable person, because many cannot survive alone - who we have promised; ‘to care for, for life’. 

We pray that these dear ones will know the love of Jesus in their lives and will be drawn to Him.

We are utterly dependent on our Heavenly Father and do ask that you pray with us that He will meet our needs; so pray for great wisdom and for blessing on each effort we make to increase our income from farm produce sales, the Granary Farm coffee shop and restaurant, plus many Christmas gifts. Why not visit us? You can enjoy a Christmas lunch or ‘Twilight Dining’. 

In the Centre - hot turkey sandwiches, nutmeg shortbread with lots of home-made food on the menu as well as free range eggs, Christmas crafts, cards, calendars, hyacinth bowls, stocking-fillers, pickles and preserves.

As a registered charity we are able to reclaim £2.80p tax from the government, for every £10 donated or £28 per £100 (if you are a taxpayer at no cost to yourself).

We rely, not on expensive advertising, but word of mouth and so often the Lord touches the hearts of His people - to give, knowing no money will be wasted on unnecessary expenses or high salaries and we praise our almighty Father for bringing so many wonderful volunteers week by week. 

Contact us by post; Crag House Farm, Otley Old Road, Crag Hill, Cookridge, Leeds. LS16 7NH : Tel. 0113-2303600 or email: info@caringforlife.co.uk : www.caringforlife.co.uk 

Late news  ‘Peter has been back to hospital.  They have given him a course of cancer treatment drugs. He is also scheduled to have a bone scan and later a full scan to enable them to assess any additional areas of concern.’  

Sharing the Love of Jesus’ is a monthly bulletin full of heart-warming and up-to-date information, including pictures of the farm, houses and many happy, busy folk - don’t miss it